This is from Sherwood (Ore.) High School, and it's ridiculous.

"We have 32 seniors," [coach Greg] Lawrence told MaxPreps on Monday. "We're trying to get of them in on special teams. We've been winning most games. We've been crushing everyone, so we've been trying to find things to make it fun for the kids."

It's actually a double-fake, the second one being kicker Martin Layna taking a direct snap and charging toward the end zone. It's a good deception, considering Layna is a monster 5'5", 240 lbs. That freed up 6'11" tight end Jordan Kurahara to catch Layna's floater.


A 240-lb kicker? A tight end near seven feet? Yeah, this team's good. The Bowmen are 9-0 on the year, and have outscored opponents 554-96. But in an attempt to avoid appearing like they're running up the score, Sherwood broke out this fake extra point after their first touch down on Friday.

So, um, what about that holder?

"One of our other senior linemen asked if he could come off like a monkey, pick the tee up, and hop off the field like a monkey," Lawrence said. "Our special teams coach said 'Sure, why not? Let's do it.'"

That doesn't really explain much, but OK.