Barry Bonds' Virtual Scoop

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Back when we first started this site, we had a rather serious obsession with Barry Bonds' Web site, mainly because it was a place Bonds' vowed to bypass the media and speak "straight to" his fans but mostly ended up a list of different links with which to properly buy Barry Bonds merchandise.

Well, yesterday, Bonds' finally broke a little news on, announcing that he will not be playing in the World Baseball Classic. (It was his first update in three months.) Of course, Bonds not only bypassed the media in his announcement, but also his manager Buck Martinez and the commissioner, both of whom learned the info from ... well, the media, actually, who are the only people who deign to read Bonds' site in the first place.


Bonds also talks about the charity events he attended this offseason, including his favorite one: when he received the "Willie Mays Award." As always, Bonds' favorite charity is himself.

By the way, we're absolutely certain that Bonds pulling out of the WBC has absolutely nothing to do with the potential Olympic-style drug testing MLB is considering. Nope. None.


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