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This image was lost some time after publication. reported yesterday that there is a Terrell Owens reality show in the works. There aren't a lot of details about the show available, but here's what the press release has to say about the format:

The show will combine T.O.'s passion for working out with his natural curiosity about other people. Guests on the show will come from the worlds of sports, entertainment and even politics — and no subject will be off limits. The show will rely on T.O's witty personality and tendency to speak his mind and Banyan's successful track record in producing highly rated programming that strikes an emotional chord with its audience.


Oh, I think they'll certainly be able to strike that emotional chord, provided they don't mind if that chord sounds something like, "Man, I really hate that guy."

But I can't pretend like I'm not excited about seeing Drew Rosenhaus following Owens around, telling him how great he is 24 hours a day. Going with him to restaurants, telling him that he deserves the most expensive thing on the menu. Waking him up in the morning by whispering in his ear, "You are the greatest wide receiver in the NFL," progressively louder until he awakens. Losing to him intentionally while playing Madden, telling him that the XBox version of T.O. deserves to be rated higher. There is potential for great television here.

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