One-Handed Beer Football Is America's Greatest Tradition

The best football action of Thanksgiving weekend takes place not in Detroit or Dallas, or on an SEC field. It happens in a park in Emerson, Iowa, where for more than a decade family and friends have been gathering for the PBR Bowl.

We've been covering the event, in which all players must have a can of beer in one hand at all time, for the past couple of years. This time we've got something special. Below, a video and writeup from our man on the scene.

Beer, Football, Thanksgiving, America.

Every year, the Saturday after thanksgiving, at 2:00, in Emerson, Iowa, two families and their friends have been getting together to play a friendly game of touch football.

Touch football with a beer in hand, of course, but not just any beer... Pabst Blue Ribbon.

The rules are simple. The football game is played on a 40-yard field. (Played in the outfield of the little league baseball field in Emerson.) Mid-field is the first down. No handoffs. One-hand touch. And of course, a beer in you hand at all times. If you drop your beer, or your beer is slapped out of your hand, you are out of the play. You must pick your beer up, finish it, and get a new ice cold PBR. (and you have to be 21, of course.)

Halftime occurs when one team scores 35, and the game ends when the team that scores 70 first is crowned the victor of the PBR Bowl. This year, the first-ever pick-6 in PBR Bowl history by former high school quarterback Andrew Johnson was key for the white team pulling away from the blue team in their victory. That crucial play aside, the MVP, decided by the founding four members, was awarded to Nathan Bowen, another member of the white team.

And next year, at the little league field in Emerson, Iowa, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, exactly at 2:00, the same guys will play it all over again. Same teams as it has been all along.