Ben Watson's Added-Time Header Delivered Doomed Wigan The FA Cup

Wigan entered today's FA Cup final as 17-2 underdogs, and are facing a major uphill battle to stay in the Premiership. That Ben Watson—a late substitution who broke his leg early this season—scored the winning goal for the Latics makes today's story that much more improbable.


But who called the goal better? For your consideration, we've provided the much-criticized Gus Johnson call above and the call as heard on Fox Deportes below. (Warning, you'll want to turn down your speakers for both of them.)

Our money's on Gus, simply because in a match full of terrible announcing moments for the Johnson-Ian Wright team (Johnson repeatedly mispronounced Wigan keeper Joel's name as if the Piano Man were playing in goal), this one actually felt right for once. (Wigan, meanwhile, looks to be the first FA Cup winner in history to be relegated following their title.) [Fox/Fox Deportes]