Big Ben, Shorn

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The questions will never go away, from Seahawks fans and football fans alike. Did Roethlisberger really get the ball into the end zone? Didn't he? It seems that everyone has an opinion — including the cat. But no one has a definitive answer except for Ben himself, and he's not talking.

Or, wait, he is talking. Leave it to David Letterman, of all people, to break the news. On "The Late Show" last night, under relentless questioning from the talk show host (translation: Letterman simply asked), Big Ben admitted: "I didn't get in. I went back to the sideline and told Cowher: 'Um, I don't think I made it.'"

Then of course, Dave shaved off his beard — we think we all saw that coming. So that should end the discussion. Yes?

Meanwhile, they're still going bonkers over at Ben Roethlisberger — Official Blog, where fans were still commenting deep into the night, including this post which came in at 3:19 a.m.:

"Hello? Netizens? Many people Tokdo (Dokdo, Tokto = Korean Word) Island (Dakesimar = Japanish Word) Japan's territory be and know that write "East Sea" that is "Japan Sea". However, Tokdo Island is Korean territory. It is historically attested truth. That had been the Korean country 600 years ago from now, "Shilla" conquered Tokdo Island. Japan did not approach in Tokdo Island ever since. However, Japan tries to plunder our territory and territorial water recently. This is illegal act. Tokdo Island is Korean territory and "East Sea" is Korean territorial water. Thank You." — Korean.


We have a feeling that somehow they'll figure out a way to blame this on the refs too.

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