Bill Belichick On Dolphins Apparent Fake Injury: "That's Fucking Bullshit"

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Dolphins CB Bobby McCain didn’t seem to be prepared for a fourth-down play the Patriots were setting up during the second quarter of their game today, and he solved his problem by giving his team a free timeout.

McCain looked fine standing on the field initially, but as the Pats appeared to get ready to snap the ball, the defensive back suddenly fell backwards and to the ground, coming down with an immediate and intense case of what I guess could be generously described as “cramps.”

Miami Dolphin fakes injury

Bill Belichick, as you can see in the GIF above, was none too pleased. Say what you will about him but he’s a smart coach and he’s probably right to literally call bullshit on McCain’s injury shenanigans. (He’s already returned to the game.) New England went on to take a delay of game penalty and then punt.