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Bill Simmons Wins "Celebrity" "Fantasy" "League"

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Remember that NBA "Celebrity" Fantasy League that kicked off at the beginning of the season? (That's when fantasy basketball leagues tend to start, after all.) The league featured luminaries like Star Jones, Pamela Anderson, Cedric the Entertainer and Samuel L. Jackson. Well, they they had the finals this week, and the champion turned out to be ... "celebrity" Bill Simmons! Somehow we imagine him spending more time following the waiver wire than, say, Matthew Modine.


Simmons beat Bernie Mac in the finals and ended the season 20-2. On the other end of the spectrum was TNT analyst Kenny Smith, who finished 1-21 and lost his final game to the WNBA's Diana Taurasi. (This meant, of course, that longtime WNBA hater Simmons ended up, through his public fantasy league on, becoming part of the very charity promotion for the league that he's always decrying. But that's a small price to pay for humiliating Star Jones.)

The other nine league members were not available for comment, though we have a feeling their responses would be something like, "fantasy what? I'm in a what? Bill who? How did you get this number?"

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