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Blogdome: Wizznutzz In The Playoffs!

• There's so much brilliance in this Wizznutzz post that we don't even know where to start. [Wizznutzz]
• Why can't Jonathan Papelbon find some good closer entrance music? We suggest "Raining Blood." [Keep Your Sox On]
• Don't get too excited, everyone; have you seen just how bad the Mets' bench is? [The Mets Are Better Than Sex]
• Why is everyone in Philadelphia picking on Bobby Abreu? Oh, yeah: They're from Philadelphia. [The Good Phight]
• You see, Adrian Beltre ... he just sucks, you know? [Just The Sports]
• A Coco Crisp bagel. Where do we start? [Yanks Fan/Sox Fan]
• A podcast interview with a guy from "The White Shadow" and ... Peter McNeeley! [Just My Show]
• Jenn Sterger, collegiate lecturer. [Fanblogs]
• A Sonics fan's season-end lament. [Sportzilla]
• The first of many, many playoff previews in the coming days. [Mutoni's Musings]
• Ruben Sierra is the Yankees' jilted lover. Chin Music]
• A truly exhaustive response to ESPN's list of the 101 playoff tidbits. [Pounding The Rock]


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