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Perhaps in response to somewhat famous Grady's Ladies, the official cheering section for Indians outfielder, these Indians fans, either tongue-in-cheek or not, have dressed themselves as "Mrs. Wickman." They're the official fan club of the portly Indians closer, who is, Grady Sizemore aside, an extremely handsome man.

There are two reasons these guys would dress like this.

1. They're proudly gay baseball fans and grizzly men.
2. They knew about Grady's Ladies and thought, "Hey, you know what? We think it's dumb that women baseball fans find a player attractive and come out to cheer him on. What stupid broads! We should come up with some way to mock them, Dave! Let's wear 'Mrs. Wickman' shirts to the game. That will show them how lame they are! Girls, man! If I ever end up talking to one, I'll let them know just how lame they are! Yeah!"

You know what? We hope they're gay.

(thanks to Brian Dickey for the heads-up on this.)