Bode Miller wiped out in his Super-G run at World Championships yesterday, and sliced his leg open something gross. (Photo here. It's a bit graphic.) It was his first time racing after 11 months off recovering from injury, and if he tries another comeback, it won't be for a while: Miller underwent surgery to repair a severed tendon in his hamstring.

Miller Tweeted this from his hospital bed:


According to a United States Ski Association spokesperson, Miller's recovery will take months. He may very well choose to call it a career. He's 37 years old, and in the lead-up to his return at World Champs, candidly talked about how "things are consistently pushing me toward retirement."

Still, yesterday's comeback was an accomplishment in itself, and until his crash, Miller looked like the day's best racer. If this is how he goes out, it was still an unqualified success.