Bringing The Kids Into Battle

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We're still about a week from pitchers and catchers reporting — it is so close, yet so far — but it is good to know that the great sports war of our century is still alive and well ... and thriving. You know what? We've missed the Yankees-Red Sox bloodfeud.

And we don't have to wait for Johnny Damon's first appearance at Fenway for it. Apparently, the Lowell Spinners, the Red Sox Class A affiliate, is offering free uniforms and stadium access to any Little League team in the state of Massachusetts that changes its name from the "Yankees" to anything else. Quoth the Spinners: " Red Sox fans understand how devastating it can be for any child to be on a Yankees youth baseball team in New England. The Spinners have heard stories first-hand of children actually crying and refusing to play if they have to play for the Yankees. The Spinners believe they have found an answer to the problem."

According to Chowdaheads, one Spinners team rep said that parents have "tired of having their children booed during town parades because of their uniforms."


God, we love baseball. We can't wait.

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