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Bulls In, Lakers In, Wizards Need One, Sixers Clinging To Life, Orlando Dead

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Congratulations to the Chicago Bulls, who clinched a playoff spot today with a win over the Miami Heat. It's not known yet who the Bulls are going to play in the playoffs, and probably won't be until the season is over, but regardless of who they play or if they lose, making the playoffs has to be considered a success for the Bulls this year.

It's not often that you can make the playoffs and wrap up the 1st overall draft pick next year... but these are the sorts of things that are made possible by the existence of Isiah Thomas.


The Wizards, meanwhile, have a magic number of one—any win by them or loss by the Sixers puts the Wizards in the playoffs. The Magic were officially eliminated by the Bulls victory, and Darko Milicic is probably going to kick Shaq's ass for not playing in the fourth quarter.

Out West, the Lakers clinched a playoff spot today by virtue of a 20-point blowout win over the Nash-less and Raja-less Suns. Having to deal with Kobe Bryant in the first round of the playoffs is not something that a top seed should have to do. That's harsh.

At this time next week, we'll be talking playoffs. At least I will. You'll probably insist on watching baseball. But that's alright, I'll have all the fun without you.

Lakers 109, Suns 89 [Yahoo! Sports]
Bulls 117, Heat 93 [Yahoo! Sports]

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