While watching last night's Broncos-Raiders game, Cardinals running back Beanie Wells sent out the following innocuous tweet, expressing his views on Peyton Manning:

A few minutes later, ESPN's NFL insider, Adam Schefter, decided to retweet Wells's thought and add one of his own. Unfortunately, this is how Schefter did it:

See, Adam, that's not how you retweet something when you want to add commentary of your own. (Unless you're Peter King, and we've already established that he can't tweet.) Your cute little quip about how shitty the Cardinals' quarterbacks are is supposed to go in front of the "RT." Otherwise it looks like Wells is talking shit about his own quarterbacks. And guess what? That's exactly what many of Schefter's nearly two million Twitter followers thought he was doing. Schefter's tweet was retweeted 488 times, and evoked responses like these:

And so on. Nearly an hour later, Schefter finally got around to clarifying his comment:

We've always said Twitter is lousy with irresponsible bloggers. Now we've got another to add to the list!