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This couldn't be how Ronaldinho imagined his time in Mexico starting. Barely one week into his tenure as Liga MX club Querétaro's new superstar, he has already been the subject of racist statements, and by a local politician at that.

Carlos Treviño, a former Querétaro Minister of Social Development and current member of the National Action Party (PAN), offered the offensive message on the customary forum for idiots and racists to express themselves under their government names—Facebook. Here's a screencap Record managed to snag before the message was taken down:


And a translation, via Google:

I really try to be tolerant, but I HATE SOCCER, and stupefying phenomenon that it produces ... I hate it even more because of people clogging and flooding the avenues making it take two hours to get home... And all to see an APE ... A Brazilian but still an ape. This is already a ridiculous circus.

Treviño has predictably been bashed for it. The statement sparked another round of the #WeAreAllMonkeys (in this case #TodosSomosSimios) Twitter and Instagram hashtag made famous by Dani Alves and Neymar back in April. It's unclear exactly in what capacity Treviño is employed by PAN, so who knows if he'll lose a job for this but still; it's a sad day when someone feels like putting down the happiest soccer player in the world.



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