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Cal Ripken Jr. Gets Nailed To Wall

Makes sense: I had the time, I had the 10,000 thumbtacks... I had to make the giant wallboard portrait of Cal Ripken Jr. [Home Run Derby]

Heads you lose, tails I win: Rutgers' top football recruit chose his school based on a coin toss. And who says college recruiting is not a serious enterprise? [Bootlegger Sports]

Gnarly, dude: Did Vladimir Radmanovic seriously show up to Lakers practice wearing Vans? Find your zen of basketball where ever you can, right? [Graney and the Pig]


That sounds like a joke, right?: Hey, watch the elbows, Devan Dumes. It's a basketball game, not an Indigo Girls concert. [MSF]

Retreat to move forward: These teams need a logo redesign so radical it should look like the old design that they never should have changed in the first place. [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

We miss you: Hat Guy writes about the Snuggie. Somewhere in Blog Heaven, FJM weeps a single tear. [Tremendous Upside]

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