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Can You Wager On Scoreboard Races?

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So we got to thinking last night, while we were watching the Dodgers beat the Cubs at Dodger Stadium, about those little digital races they have on the scoreboard in between innings. While digging around, we found the following posting from a White Sox message board, subject line: "Scoreboard Races."

I was at the game last night and I was wondering, why do these get such a big cheer? Honestly who cares if the blue plane beats the pepporini pizza and the goofy green frog? Do people put money on these things? It's not just kids that cheer for these things, its everyone, I saw a grown man jumping up and down and cheering for one of these. Is it really that great and I just miss the point? Personally I'd rather have the video packages between innings. Actually what I'd really like to see is everyone just watching the game and putting an end to these stupid races.


We couldn't disagree more. We can't explain it, but we love the little scoreboard races; they're one of the few things that get us off our feet. (The rest of the time, we're busy keeping score. We're a nerd.) In Oakland, for example, they actually have a dot race. That was the extent of their creativity and budget there. Unacceptable. (The Dodgers, naturally, have little sports cars, and the Yankees have subway cars.) And we were looking around, and we couldn't find a single database with the listings for all the different little metro-centric races each stadium/arena/field has. So we thought that maybe it was the least we could do for you. Therefore, we encourage everyone to email us the individual races, and how they work, from each stadium you go to on a regular basis at We'll compile them all down the line. Feel free to leave 'em in comments too.

Yeah. We're a dork. Sue us.

Scoreboard Races [White Sox Interactive]

(By the way, we emphasize that we're not just talking about baseball scoreboards either. We're looking for any sport.)

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