CBS Los Angeles Doesn't Get Soccer, Irony

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CBS’s Los Angeles affiliate shared this tweet with their 80,000 followers on Twitter earlier today, before deleting it soon thereafter and apologizing:


The important lesson here is the obvious one: before you tweet dumb shit, make sure it is from your personal, not work, account. Or maybe don’t tweet dumb shit at all.

But the second lesson is to check what your network is airing before dinging Fox and NBC, who were showing a FA Cup semifinal and an important Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester United, respectively. Here are the actual things some major CBS affiliates were airing at the time of the tweet:

  • New York: Jane Seymour’s Secret To Youthful-looking Skin
  • Miami: Sexy Face At Any Age
  • Chicago: The Tim McCarver Show

And you’re telling me it’s soccer that is embarrassing to broadcast?

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