Cedric Benson's Dogs Are A Scourge Upon Local Livestock

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Green Bay Packers running back and part-time strip club DJ Cedric Benson is not very good at controlling his murderous dogs. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Benson was recently issued a citation after his two Rottweilers went on a violent rampage against some innocent livestock.


A citation says Benson's two Rottweilers attacked 17 calves at his neighbor's farm in Maribel last month. A sheriff's department report says the dogs were found chewing the calves' legs and that several suffered deep wounds.

The report says Benson told deputies that he had put up a fence to contain the dogs, but that they managed to escape. Benson was cited a second time Jan. 13 after someone complained the dogs were again running loose in the area.

17 calves! I wonder how long this attack lasted. Were the dogs amongst the calves for hours, leisurely gnawing on a few legs here and there before getting bored and moving on to the next bleating, helpless victim? Or was this a rapid attack, one in which the dogs moved quickly and sinisterly, so as to maximize the physical and psychic trauma inflicted upon the calves? Imagining either scenario is simultaneously hilarious and sad.