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Because we're one of those annoying New Yorkers who don't have a car, we don't listen to the radio much. The biggest problem with this is that we never get to listen to Howard Stern, since you don't really need Satellite Radio when rarely leave the couch.

Therefore, we missed our favorite Bengal Chad Johnson on Stern this morning. Fortunately, several readers have clued us in on what we missed.

• Johnson calls into the show and learns, live on the air, of fellow Bengals receiver Chris Henry's arrest. (Best part of the Henry arrest, by the way: it appears he was wearing his own jersey at the time. Master criminal, this guy.)
• Johnson said nothing happened in the locker room at halftime of the playoff game.
• Stern of course asked Johnson if he'd ever been with a white woman, and Johnson said no, disappointing a large percentage of Deadspin's female readership.
• His favorite movies: "Chicago" and "Moulin Rouge."

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