Charles Oakley Says He Was Kicked Out Of The Knicks Game For No Reason

Photo credit: AP/Frank Franklin II

Beloved former Knick Charles Oakley was forcefully removed from last night’s Clippers-Knicks game and charged with three counts of assault. There were various reports offering explanations for his removal—some had Oak going after Knicks owner James Dolan, others had him fighting with a fan—but Oakley offered his own explanation after being released by the police last night.

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In the brief interview above, Oakley says he was approached by MSG security just a few minutes into the game and was told that he had to leave the arena because “someone ordered you to leave.” Oakley says things only got physical because more and more security guards kept surrounding him and he felt threatened.


Who knows if Oakley’s account is the full truth, but it doesn’t really matter if it is or not. What matters is that the Knicks look terrible here. Not only did they have a Knicks icon arrested and publicly humiliated in their own arena, they released this incredibly petty statement after the game:


Meanwhile, LeBron James is rubbing it in:


The Knicks are incredible. Look at what they have accomplished this year: Their big offseason acquisition was at the center of a rape trial; Phil Jackson managed to turn the best player in the world into his arch-nemesis; via a series of public pot shots and desperate trade attempts Jackson also managed to alienate Carmelo Anthony so much so that Anthony is now reportedly determined to remain a Knick just to spite Jackson. And they’ve managed to stir up all these bad vibes while enjoying the services of one of the most talented and exciting young players in the league, who is now making grim statements about the team’s “trust issues.” Again, the Knicks are incredible.


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