Charlotte Hornets Unveil New Uniforms

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After 10 seasons as the Bobcats, the Charlotte franchise is returning to the city's roots, renaming and rebranding as the second coming of the Hornets. Today they revealed, from left to right, their home, road, and alternate jerseys.

You can check the formal unveiling video here, and has screengrabs of the individual jerseys. The most striking change from the old Hornets uniforms is the heavier inclusion of the color purple, which appeared as an accent color on both the old home and road uniforms, and as a third jersey used for one season. Now purple becomes the primary color for road jerseys as well as the color for uni numbers on the other two


In this light at least, the teal appears to be a brighter shade than what the Hornets used to use. It looks really sharp as piping on the home whites, less so as the primary color on the eyesore of a third jersey.

Noticeably missing are the pinstripes that defined those old Hornets uniforms. As much as I like these (and I do like them), and as much as the old jerseys screamed 1990s, this feels like a big loss.


Your thoughts on the new uniforms?