Check Out All These St. Louis Cardinals Striking Out Like Jamokes

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The Major League Baseball campaign is underway and it started off gloriously. Not only did the St. Louis Cardinals lose to the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-1, but they struck out 14 times, like a bunch of jamokes. Here is a video highlighting Pirates starter Francisco Liriano’s impressive performance—he struck out 10—featuring Cardinals struggling against his offerings:

(If the embedded video is being wonky, you can view it here at MLB’s website.)

Not only did the Cardinals strike out a lot, but they were humiliated by Liriano, a career .121 hitter coming into this season, managing to drive in the first run of 2016. Further, a late rally put them in position where slugger Matt Adams could have tied the game with a 9th-inning home run, but he harmlessly flied out on a 3-2 count.


What a start to the season!