Checking In On Our Man Joe

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After word got out Monday that Joe Montana had refused to join past Super Bowl MVPs because he wanted more money, his PR reps went on the offensive, saying he only left the Super Bowl to attend his son's basketball game. They even sent something to us; that's some due diligence, right there.

Still some questions out there, though. From a reader:

I can't get past something. I know his older son goes to a private Catholic school in California, and both girls go to Notre Dame. So it would make sense is the youngest went to a private Catholic school too. If he's in Junior High (which I think he is) then he probably attends the school right near his brother. Anyway, What Private Catholic Junior High School is going to schedule a basketball game on Super Bowl Sunday? I looked it up and the older son's school did have a game on Friday, although I couldn't find his stats.


We don't mean to go after Joe, who is still one of our favorite players, even if he hasn't always been this great family man. But something about this story still smells fishy. The San Francisco Chronicle, which originally reported the story, isn't exactly full of hacks; if they say they had a league source, they did. And Montana's urge for cash is well-documented. Anybody heard anything? We'll be the first to vindicate Montana too, if need be; we just want to make sure it's all checked out.

By the way, that's a picture of Montana with underwear on his head. It's amazing the crap you can find on the Web.


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