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"Chill, Bro!" Video Shows Chad Kelly Brawling With Bouncers

A reader sent us video of the fight that allegedly sparked Ole Miss quarterback signee Chad Kelly to threaten an AK-47 massacre at a Buffalo-area bar, and what it lacks in aesthetics it more than makes up for in bystander awareness.


The Buffalo News reports the fight happened when Kelly refused to leave Encore around 3:15 a.m. Sunday morning and punched a bouncer in the face. You can maybe, kinda, sorta see that happening here. From our tipster:

He was struck in the face and was bloodied prior to the video being taken. Apparently, he spit in the bouncers face and spit some blood at him. However, if you knew Chad, this is a pretty normal night/behavior for him. He's just an idiot, plain and simple. He has the world by the nuts thanks to his uncle and he can't keep his nose clean. Literally and figuratively.

Kelly, who played at Clemson before getting kicked off the team, has quite a history of pissing people off if commenters in the previous post are any sign; he's also featured in this rap song:


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