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Chris Berman Apologizes After Monday Night Football Graphic Reads: "Roethlisberger Drink & Drunk"

Ben Roethlisberger may be a "jagoff" notorious for his barroom antics, but when an item showed up in ESPN's televised rundown before Monday Night Football tonight titled "Roethlisberger Drink & Drunk," it caught many viewers by surprise.


The segment, of course, was actually titled "Dink & Dunk," but the "Drink & Drunk" title remained onscreen for about 90 seconds before ESPN corrected it. Chris Berman would offer the most vague apology possible—not mentioning exactly what was wrong, or when—about a half hour later. We're sort of baffled how this sort of thing could happen; typos are one thing (they happen often at ESPN) but two right next to each other just seems like it ought to be impossible for the WWL.

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