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Chris "Birdman" Andersen Is An Incredibly Strange Interviewee

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Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post interviewed Heat center Chris Andersen before one of the final games of the season, opening with a question about all of the injuries the Heat suffered this year. But Andersen quickly took the interview in a, uh, different direction. Here’s an excerpt:

It was a lot of instability to deal with.

“Up and down, side to side, like my ’67 truck. Know what I’m saying?”

No, of course not.

“Front, back, side to side. That’s what it’s like.”


“It’s a Chevy. C-10.”

So the season was like a ’67 Chevy?

“My ’67 Chevy.”

So you gotta get the transmission rebuilt?

“No. It’s just front, back, side to side.”

This seems like a metaphor, but I don’t follow it.

“Well you don’t have air ride on your truck, do you?”

Probably not. I drive a Toyota Camry.

“There you go.”

Lieser’s attempts to keep the interview on track are admirable, but ultimately futile, with Andersen spending more time talking about how much money he can withdraw from the ATM than anything of consequence. But perhaps the best part of the piece is that Lieser includes links to a handful of other bizarre exchanges he had with Andersen this season that I hadn’t read before. I have now.


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