Cleveland Indians Fan In Redface Meets A Native American

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For all the shit we give wrong idiot Dan Snyder, there's really no question that Cleveland's Chief Wahoo is clearly and by far the most ridiculous mascot in sports. A bunch of fans have been "de-chiefing" their gear for a few years now. This guy went the other way.

The photo comes from our friend Cleveland Frowns. There's a lot to take in here. The IIIIIIIIIIII'm probably fucking up here look on the guy's face as he goes in for a handshake. The thousand-yard stare he gets in return. The disapproving-dad look from the guy in the newsboy hat. The guy in the back right who is presumably taking a photo, like several other mortified onlookers, but by his expression could just as easily be watching his grandma reenact 2 girls 1 cup on his phone. The air-brushed shirt that, from a crude understanding of how air-brushed shirts work, appears to be a eulogy for several former Indians players who aren't actually dead.

There is a lesson here, and that lesson is: For fuck's sake, don't do this.

[Cleveland Frowns]