Cleveland Newspaper Rejects Heat Fans' Ad Busting On LeBron

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Dan Le Batard, as part of a stunt for his radio show, attempted to purchase a full-page ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. (A mockup, via @itsleooo, can be seen below.) It would have been paid for by interested Miamians via Kickstarter, and poked fun at LeBron James for not, as of yet, publicly thanking Miami fans.

The Plain-Dealer "politely declined," the paper confirmed this morning, which is a shame. We need more old-media trolling. But the ad doesn't really make sense? I'm pretty sure Heat fans should be thanking LeBron, who had more to do with those championships than did the folks who left games early, thought white T-shirts were the height of fandom, and will now never watch basketball again.

Le Batard says he's trying to get the ad in the Akron Beacon Journal. Fingers crossed.