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Coco Crisp Will No Longer Lack For Attention

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The Red Sox have finally pulled the trigger on a deal to bring centerfielder Coco Crisp to Boston, where he is presumed to be taking over the leadoff spot once occupied by Johnny Damon.

The biggest piece that Cleveland gets back is Andy Marte, a stud third-baseman prospect. Indians fans, at least the ones here, seem to be as positively giddy as the smile on their terribly offensive mascot would indicate.

The Indians have found their next Jhonny Peralta. Their next Grady Sizemore. Their next C.C. Sabathia. A cornerstone player, under the age of 25, playing a premium position, equipped with tools off the charts. Not only does Marte come with all the hype, but his production speaks for itself.


And this particular Sox fan seems to be happy, though not quite as peppy as the Indians fans above.

Crisp will become a favorite here in Boston VERY quickly. He is intense. He is self-assured. He wants to win. He is cut from the cloth of Jason Varitek and Trot Nixon although with a bit more swagger.

And on a day where I get to mention a guy named "Coco" and a guy nicknamed "The Birdman," there is no way that I'm not posting a picture of Koko B. Ware.

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