College Hockey Game Ends In Total Mayhem

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The conclusion of Saturday's Mayor's Cup game between Union and RPI ended with an on-ice donnybrook, and players weren't the only ones fighting.

Judging from the video, the fracas started when Union's Mat Bodie cross-checked RPI's Brock Higgs in the neck after a faceoff. When that happened, everything went to shit. Bench players stormed the ice, guys were getting punched and bodyslammed, and gear was being tossed everywhere.

Because college hockey doesn't tolerate any fighting, suspensions will probably be handed out to multiple participants. (Update: Four players were suspended.) And it's not like they were any good at fighting, either. Bodie later tried to fight Mike Zalewski, but Zalewski threw a couple of punches before the two just stopped.


By far, the best confrontation came from the coaches. Union coach Rick Bennett was restrained while trying to get to RPI coach Seth Appert. After the game, neither coach would talk about what started the fight.

RPI won, 2-1.

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