Confused Old Man Declares ‘Lou’ Saban a Great Football Coach [UPDATED]

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President Donald Trump made a fool of himself once again on Monday when he wrongly referred to the University of Alabama’s head football coach as “Lou Saban” multiple times.

The President joined a conference call on Monday to endorse Senate Republican candidate Tommy Tuberville in his runoff election against former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Tuberville is known for his career as a college football coach, especially during his time at Auburn University (from 1999-2008), where he once led the Tigers to an impressive six straight victories over archrival Alabama in the Iron Bowl.

In the call, Trump said that Tuberville was the reason the University of Alabama decided to hire now six-time National Champion Nick Saban as head coach in 2007. However, the President forgot one thing: Saban’s name.


“Really successful coach,” Trump said of Tuberville. “Beat Alabama, like six in a row, but we won’t even mention that. As he said ... because of that, maybe we got ‘em Lou Saban ... And he’s great, Lou Saban, what a great job he’s done.”

Update: The Associated Press called the race for Tuberville before 9 p.m. on Tuesday night.


Lou Saban — the real Lou Saban — is best known for his stints as a coach in both the NFL and AFL. Lou had a losing record on the professional level, going 95-97-7 over his nearly 20-year career. Lou coached the Boston Patriots, Buffalo Bills, and Denver Broncos.

He also coached at 10 different colleges during his coaching career and produced a record of 94-99-4.


According to Yahoo, the longtime coach died in 2009. He also served as president of the New York Yankees under George Steinbrenner from 1981-82 and as the athletic director for Cincinnati. According to the Post-Gazette, the families of Nick and Lou Saban are not sure if there is any relation.

Trump also may have been thinking of former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz, who had appeared just days ago on Fox News comparing the risks of college football during a pandemic to D-Day at Normandy.


What makes the Trump mistake so laughable is that the President has attended multiple Alabama football games in recent years, and has even met Nick Saban personally when the team visited the White House in 2018 following their last national championship victory.

Sessions held this Senate position in Alabama for 20 years before being chosen by Trump to become the United States Attorney General in 2017. Sessions was fired from his position as Attorney General in 2018 after recusing himself from overseeing the Russia Investigation.


The two have had beef ever since. Trump has tried to persuade Alabama voters on multiple occasions to not vote for Sessions. On Twitter, the President said that Sessions “had no courage” and “ruined many lives.”


He even explicitly told Alabama voters to “not trust Jeff Sessions.” Sessions has said that his recusal was required by law and that it even helped the President be exonerated.


To many in the state of Alabama, Tuberville serves as another yes man to Trump. Tuberville has attacked Sessions for his recusal in many campaign ads that have run in the state.

Tuberville will face Democratic Sen. Doug Jones in November’s general election. Jones is Alabama’s first Democratic Senator in 25 years, defeating Roy Moore, another Trump endorsee.