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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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The Browns tweeted out the winner of their schedule challenge this morning, and when everyone clicked through to the lucky person, they found a bunch of spammy-looking links. So, everyone believed a spambot won the contest. The Browns deleted the congratulatory tweet, and the internet made fun of them for being the Browns and screwing up. But what if I told you the Browns might have not totally bungled this particular thing?

Here was the first evidence circulating:


There’s more to the story, though. Earlier today, Frank Dyrcz changed his picture, deleted his spammy link tweets, and replied to someone in an attempt to show he was a real person:

Frank had previously mused about Cleveland sports once before:


The team account didn’t announce an alternate winner, and the original tweet’s gone, so now we’re stuck. Does Frank get the prize or not? Was the fuckup actually fucked up? Is this new territory for the Browns?

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