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Cop In Riot Gear Violently Blindsides Girl During Arizona Riots

While police dealt with disorderly Arizona students in Tucson, one video's surfaced of an incident away from the main activity. In the clip, a police officer in riot gear comes out of nowhere to check a girl into a bench, for no clear reason.

After blindsiding the girl, the cop walks away without restraining or arresting her. The people on camera react as if it came out of nowhere, berating the cop. Another girl who seemed to be walking with the first girl mentions going to her car, parked on the other side of the street.


Obviously, there could be more context to this video. But from the 20 seconds before the girl gets knocked down, she doesn't seem to be making an audible or visible scene, and the response by the cop seemed excessive. If you know anything else about the incident, let us know.

H/t to Josh

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