Cops: Jon Jones Grabbed Cash, Shoved It In His Pants, And Ran

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Albuquerque police released their report on the three-car crash that included fighter Jon Jones and, according to witnesses, Jones acted like a man who really didn’t want to stick around. Witnesses told police that driver three (later identified as Jones) ran away, then came back, grabbed a handful of cash from the car, then “shoved the cash into his pants and ran.”

Earlier today, police told local reporters they were trying to get a felony arrest warrant for Jones, who’s still scheduled for a fight on May 23. Police spokesman Tanner Tixier told the Albuquerque Journal that they were seeking a felony charge because one of the drivers involved, a pregnant woman in her 20s, had a broken arm because of the accident. Here’s how the police report describes what happened before and after the crash:

The woman was eastbound in a Honda, crossing through the intersection of Southern Avenue SE and Juan Tabo Boulevard on a green light, when Jones’s southbound hit the Honda on the driver’s side. The impact pushed the Honda into a Toyota waiting at the red light, and that driver told police a similar account of what happened. Here’s the police sketch of the crash (Jones is in vehicle 3):


Witnesses and drivers from both cars said Jones (still identified as driver three) got out of his car and ran away, on to a hill, but soon returned.

Witnesses stated he slouched over and ran back to the vehicle grabbing a large hand full of cash. Witnesses stated he shoved the cash into his pants and ran north jumping the fence into Terracita. I sent officers to attempt to locate the driver of vehicle 3. The officers who attempted to look for him, were unsuccessful.


Inside the car, officers said they found a marijuana pipe with marijuana inside as well as MMA paperwork from Nevada identifying Jones. The paperwork had Jones’s phone number on it, and an officer tried calling Jones several times, according to the report. The officer left a message asking Jones to call dispatch, but Jones did not call back.

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