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Cops Using Ground-Penetrating Radar To Find Astrodome Time Capsule

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Workers buried a time capsule at the Houston Astrodome when they broke ground over 50 years ago. The knowledge of its existence was mostly lost to history, and nobody knows exactly where it was buried. But county judge Ed Emmett is on the case, and he has the Harris County Sheriff’s bomb squad and their ground-penetrating radar working with him. Via the Houston Chronicle:

[Astros historian Mike] Acosta told Emmett about it last month. At the suggestion of a staffer, Emmett asked the sheriff’s bomb squad to try to find the capsule. They had the equipment to detect anomalies under the ground, like buried bodies and bombs. Maybe they could use it to find a time capsule.

The Chronicle reports that the time capsule contains “mementos from 20 consulates, as enduring symbols of those countries,” whatever that means. It was buried in an important-sounding ceremony, according to the description of a photograph of Acosta’s:

Acosta’s black-and-white news photographs from March 27, 1963, showed a throng of finely dressed dignitaries, including the team’s owners and city, county and consular officials, assembled around a neatly dug pit with concrete pouring down onto a shiny metallic cylinder, perched on criss-crossed rebar.


For some reason, I find time capsules to be cool as hell. There is something very 2001: A Space Odyssey about past generations selecting items to put in a capsule to represent them to future generations. I hope they find it undamaged.

[Houston Chronicle]

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