The Story Behind The Story: Rocket Frog

Let's go behind the scenes of our notable stories in 2013. Here's how Rocket Frog made it onto our site.

Chat transcript, Sept. 12:

Barry Petchesky:
poor frog

Tom Ley:
i feel like we should post rocket frog

Barry Petchesky:
post him

Tom Ley:
doin' rocket frog

Tom Ley:
We scooped those Gizmodo chumps on Rocket Frog, btw

Crazy Picture Captures Frog Being Blasted Into Sky By NASA Rocket

This amazing image—captured by NASA cameras during a launch last week and flagged by Universe Today—has not been altered in any way, and it is my new favorite thing. Just look at how high that goddamn frog is!

It's easy to assume that Rocket Frog died a painful and fiery death shortly after this moment was captured, but maybe he didn't. Maybe Rocket Frog never returned to the ground at all. Maybe he just kept rising and rising, soaring into the heavens that we've only ever seen in our dreams. Maybe he's rising still.

[Universe Today]

h/t Marcus