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Cubs Fans Continue String Of Fantastic Luck

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Yes, yes, we're Cardinals fans, but like a lot of other Cardinals fans, we're having a hard time finding any giddiness from Derrek Lee's broken wrist, which could keep him out three months. Life's hard enough as a Cubs fan; this is just piling on. Oh, well: There's always the oceans of beer.

As you can probably guess, Cubs bloggers aren't handling the news well.

Goat Riders Of The Apocalypse: "Ok. It's bad. Real bad. Really, really, really real bad. Worse than bad. A disaster. No, worse than a disaster. A fiasco. So, now what?"
1060 West: 'feel free to start discussing 2007... now."
Cub Town: "I implore you, do not lose hope. It may be a thing for fools and dreamers, but what's life without a healthy dose of daffy romance? Expectations based on false assumptions or misapprehension of facts can, indeed, cause great pain, but hope is a sustainer, and if ever there was a group of baseball fans in need of sustenance, it is us."
Cub Reporter: " I'm not even going to bother with potential replacements and how this will affect the Cubs for the time being. It's obviously not good and nobody in baseball that we can get is going to make up the difference."
Bleed Cubbie Blue: "What more can be said? It happened. It sucks. But baseball continues."


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