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Danny Amendola's Neighbors Think His Carport Is Ugly, Wish He Was Tom Brady

Patriots receiver Danny Amendola has erected a carport next to his rental house in Providence, R.I., to ensure that he can avoid the wrath of Belichick by not having a snowed-in car. Amendola will only have the carport until February, but his neighbors do not care for it, at all.

The carport in question:


One resident on Amendola’s street thinks it’s garish. From the AP report:

“It’s a simple utilitarian structure, but if you had tons of these around the neighborhood, it would significantly detract from the historic quality and aesthetic appearance of the Benefit Street neighborhood,” said Tim More, who has lived on the street for 45 years.

Tim, my man, everything’s going to be covered in snow. The aesthetic appearance of Benefit Street will be snow.

Another neighbor certainly does not like the carport, but is fine with it, because it’s not permanent. Also, he likes Tom Brady:

“Wealthy people like to buy things and have their way,” Rickman said. “Historic districts are fragile.”

Still he calls it a “minor sin” that will soon be fixed when the season is over and the carport removed. And he said he is thrilled that Amendola is living down the street.

“I hope that he’ll stay. This city needs celebrities,” Rickman said. “I think it’s cool. I think it would cooler if Tom Brady lived here. I would offer to help him shovel his snow.”


What does Amendola have to say for himself, and his hideous carport? Nothing:

Amendola declined to comment on the complaints, telling The Associated Press, “I’m not talking about that.”



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