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Dead Letters: "Evil Prevails"

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Dead LettersWelcome to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors and writers are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.

Subject: fake news

From: Robert F.


yes cnn and a few other stations are mostly fake news. My favorite news channel was CNN. Real news is the kind that is unbiased and is the kind we as a population can trust to watch and stay on top of what is happening in the world.... Not bickering for ratings with your rival like Fox news. Fox is my favorite channel of trust worthy news. Just look at ratings and people like real news. The day CNN starts to broadcast real news will be the day I start watching again.


Subject: Propaganda

From: Steve B.


Just trying to dig up dirt for your propaganda I guess. As long as it’s for your side I guess it makes it ok. Can’t you see that this is exactly what the problem is. We should all be on the same side.That’s ok let’s just blame it on somebody else.

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Subject: News

From: Jesse G.


I like what he’s doing, I personally can’t believe anything cnn says!!!! So much corruption

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Subject: Sinclair employee

From: Kevin Allen <>


Your apparently as stupid as i suspected. Only a Liar/Communist would be AGAINST the actual TRUTH/Not twisted F There Agenda news, no matter what party! God, you guys are sick, moral less,liars, and reason kids/society going to shit.

Subject: Article

From: Sara J.


I applaud Sinclair. Its about time journalists report facts not sensationalize to get viewers.

90% of media reports have been negative of President Trump since inauguration (Harvard stats) Ridiculous liberal slander not journalism.

Still waiting on RUSSIA probe which for months the liberal media tried implicated President Trump/ son/ son in law. NO FACTS JUST INNUENDO

Way more Americans love President Trump than any news outlet leads you to believe. Hense the 2017 Presidential race win and im certain 2020


Sara Jackson

Subject: Fake news

From: Darrel B.


Start broadcasting ALL news stories and QUIT being one sided as seen on NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, are a few.

I voted for President Trump because OBAMA Was running out Military, Economy, and The United States DOWN..



Subject: (no subject)

From: Deborah C.


It’s about time, what courage of St Clair group

Subject: If you don’t see the anchor bias at play, then I must be watching a different CNN channel than you

From: KL <>


A news story followed by a snarky comment to the co-anchor, a chortle, a shake of the head, a sarcastic personal opinion, etc., these are examples of anchor bias, and is what gives credibility to Trump’s “fake news” statements. How about just delivering the news with a straight face, and letting the viewers form their own thoughts? That would be a novel approach!

Just because CNN anchors and their entire group of panelists (whom typically beat the same drum and rarely offer an opposing view) don’t seem to like the tax cuts, it doesn’t mean that a vast number of Americans are in agreement with CNN. Tax cuts in and of themselves do not create a doomsday scenario —- if it doesn’t work out or in the future we need more money, then increase taxes at that time!!!!! Hey, now there is something to talk about —- dynamic government! But doomsday seems tell sell more tickets.

Trump requests $18 billion for a wall that many, including the Border Patrol, feel will either outright deter or “slow the rate of flow” (i.e., giving the Border Patrol more time to react) of unauthorized border crossings. Granted, the wall does not represent a great American symbol, but when Mexico doesn’t care to help, America has to do something.

It is well documented that unauthorized border crossings is not just about illegal immigrants or Mexicans, but rather it is also about the US economy, drug trafficking and national defense —— each of these are major issues on their own, and together the issues are huuuuuge. With all the spending waste in Washington, how about we waste some on the wall and see what happens.

Lastly, rational people understand that the prevention of unauthorized border crossings, drug trafficking, and terrorism is like a game of whack-a-mole —- we know they will try to find another way because the prize is too great, so how about we build the wall (obviously incorporating technology within the wall “system”) and then see where we need to focus next.

But I am sure this will never get reported.

Subject: Facts are starting to make me realize.

From: <>


One thing that I have noticed over the last 2 years is that. Trump is exactly correct when he refers to many news stations as Fake News.

It is becoming even more obvious. Here is what is starting to be clear to Americans when it comes to the Liberal news.

- They don’t like President Trump communicating with the American people.

WHY? Because it interferes with THEIR propaganda against him.

- They don’t care about lives.

IF they did. They wouldn’t be spreading HATE. Ironic that the Liberals say that we should be TOLERANT of others. Yet they are not TOLERANT of President Trump.

- They are not TOLERANT of any person. Unless they agree with them. HYPOCRITES!

- The hate that the Fake News is spreading is KILLING police officers, kids in school, soldiers etc.


- Americans see a Prsident that wants what is best for the American people!

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Subject: hey assholes

From: Tsl Ink Tslink <>


this is what OBLOWHARDS OFA & SOROS OPEN SOCIETIES talking points look like..of course brain dead lemmings like you think & i use the word think very very loosely, that it’s TRUMP

to wit:


Replying to @Deadspin @Oooooo_Donna

So, why have the ‘anchors’ consented to this? No back bones? Do they support this agenda

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Subject: One sided

From: Tracy Trulson <>


Ever since Trump got into office. I have never seen such a school ground play field. Whether it’s from the Sunday morning news of Meet the Press or Face the Nation to late night Colbert to Samantha Beeaatch.

We’ll have whoever will work with us to make our story great and live in there make believe world.

It all comes down to who’s not getting there pockets lined as thick.

All these people bitched and moaned because nothing was getting done before Trump was in office. Well now he is in office, he’s getting things done, things are picking up and everyone is still bitching. All because it’s Trump.

Where the hell would have been if Hillary was in.

At least the Network’s would

be Happy

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Subject: (no subject)

From: [phone number]


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Subject: (no subject)

From: Beth R.


Evil prevails

Subject: Dear Tom, I think re-reading the promo will help you self reflect. This sounds like portions of any honest journalists corporate mission statement. Asking the viewers to report back to you if they see your slip showing or catch you going overboard. I ...

From: Frank B.

To: Tim Burke

[No text.]

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Subject: Right leaning news

From: Larry Z.

To: Tim Burke

You probably never said anything about the leftist dominated media we’ve all been putting up with our whole lives, interesting.

Subject: Isn’t it President Trump

From: David H.

To: Tim Burke

[No text.]

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Subject: (no subject)

From: Donald B.

To: Tim Burke

Is tim-deadspin rap lingo for brain dead head up your.....

Subject: you are the fake news omg

From: Ernest D.

To: Tim Burke

[No text.]

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Subject: Kobe times up

From: Michael Haines

To: Diana Moskovitz

Better be careful. White women aren’t allowed to criticize black men. White women are lower on the hierarchy of oppression than black men so as a good little liberal deadspin writer you probably should have wrote this. Blm or whatever

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Subject: Read...

From: Ken Ken <>

To: Diana Moskovitz

Kobe didn’t rape that girl...... Mike Tyson maybe but this slut new he was married set his reservation and room. She knowingly was involved in cheating not rape. Quit smearing the goat because you are some ugly bitch that needs to get laid. Tired of you dumb bitches like you

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Subject: (no subject)

From: Ken Ken <>

To: Diana Moskovitz

You are a ugly ass bitch.... go get fucked maybe you will stop crying about bullshit from your pre period days.

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Subject: Kobe’s Oscar

From: Thomas A.

To: Diana Moskovitz

I wonder, Diana, what gives you the remarkable insight and knowledge to absolutely know that Kobe was guilty of rape. What gives you the absolute knowledge to know that the woman was telling the truth?

I , myself, have a very strong opinion that men who use position and power to gain sexual favor ... CERTAINLY including rape ... should be chastized and prosecuted to maximum legal allowance and provision.

But I also must keep an open mind to the fact that some number of women will lie and cheat in these cases and claims, either for monetary gain or , perhaps, even their own sexual satisfaction or proclivity.

To this day, there is no complete proof or resolution in the Kobe case. Your personal assumptions do nothing to advance the cause you try to support and advance.

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Subject: Kobe did not rape her

From: H H

To: Diana Moskovitz

Keep going with the lie that Kobe Bryant “raped” that white women. she willingly slept with him and took that check he cut. i hope for his sake it was worth it because history will tell you white women are habitual liars in cases like this. just ask Emitt Till.


Subject: Wow

From: whatalife93 <>

To: Diana Moskovitz

Your’re article on Kobe and his Oscar was the most pathetic thing I have ever read. Are you fucking serious? I think the self entitlement has gone to your empty head. I have no idea how someone can write cheap like that and still have a job as a “journalist” even if it is for the internet. I also don’t know how you can insinuate that there is some girl out there that has been hurt by Bryant and just hasn’t said anything.

Are you stupid? You said yourself that he hasn’t even been accused of anything like that since, and last time I checked women were coming out of the woodwork accusing every single guy in Hollywood of sexual harassment or assault so give me a break.

Your whole worthless story is a joke. You basically said he doesn’t deserve an Oscar because of a 15 year old case that he was found not guilty in. You have to be the dumbest writer on the entire internet.

I think rapists should go to prison for life and no one should be sexually harassed or mistreated in that way but this is pathetic. It’s not like women have ever been known to lie and it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s been a lot of false accusations since this all started.

Your editor should fire you for your slandarizing and bullshit story. Then you can say it’s because your a female and go grab a picket sign and march down the street in protest with because that’s how fucking stupid you are. Get a real job bitch

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Subject: Whatever

From: Cosmas A.

To: Diana Moskovitz

[No text.]

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Subject: Kobe

From: Kerri C.

To: Diana Moskovitz

I don’t get why you bashing kobe, he was never charged, and we all know that female was trying to milk Kobe for more than his money. This times up, me too BS is ridiculous. Instead of congratulating #BlackMamba you try to bash his Oscar win. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Subject: This is an ugly, very ugly “can’t let go”. There was a trial and U are way out of line

From: teralc009

To: Diana Moskovitz

[No text.]

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Subject: (no subject)

From: Peter G.

To: Diana Moskovitz

Sz Swwswwsswssssz ex swssswssw

Subject: Pandering idiot

From: Matt M.

To: Samer Kalaf

The idiocy level from the sports media over Colin Kaepernick is unbelievable. Manuel called a presser, scouts showed up, he is actively seeking to join a team. Your boy Kap has not talked or called anyone in NFL about intent to join a team, or whether he is willing to be a QB only, and not a social justice warrior. In your mind he should be that SJW first then, if he can find the time and strength, lead a team of Alpha Males to a playoff/Super Bowl run. Because what team wouldn’t be seeking that scenario? Try all of them. Your incessant whining for Kap is rooted in your politics/non sports related ambitions. The Football decision will be to stay a million miles from a guy that is so distracted from his purpose on your billion dollar team. You are a pandering idiot who will never get it. If Kap called around league privately, toned down his SJ W sideshow crap, gave the inkling he wants to play at a high level without being a distraction, scouts would start showing up.

You actually get paid as an sports analyst and you can’t figure this out? Crying for Kap doesn’t help his chances either, both he and the mamby-pamby liberal sportswriters have learned nothing, this is a business, not a political platform. The only thing between the lines of a football team is to play football at a high level and to entertain the American public that consumes your product. Hate to put it this way but shit your pie-holes with all the other crap, it’s annoying. Also it’s a one-sided hatred spewed by people with Kaos best interest ato heart. Poor kid was ledoing astray by a conniving girlfriend with an agenda. He seems to have lost his way just to get laid, hopefully he can recovet.


Matt M.

Subject: Nice language!

From: Bruce T.

To: Samer Kalaf

You do know that kids read this? Have you no discretion as this really is inappropriate. Time & place for most things this is not the time or place for this language. Shame on you!!

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Subject: (no subject)

From: Lance M.

To: Samer Kalaf

I must tell you samer, you are a sad,sad man. Disparaging young athletes because of your obvious hatred for a team only makes you seem more childlike. This is and will be the only article I ever read from you. You obviously need help. Working @deadspin is apropos.


Subject: Hey

From: Mark P.

To: Samer Kalaf

The only reason duke lost was the reff bad called and foul out jr.. But it don’t matter it was a great game. Don’t hate on a team that is always good. They will be there next year. They are still kids . So u are the dumb ass. If it was not for duke every year the ratings for the tournament would not be as high. Get your facts straight. Coach k is the best coach who ever lived. Look what he does year after Year. You must be north Catalina fan..

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Subject: (no subject)

From: Edward W.

To: Samer Kalaf

Your an idiot

Subject: So typical......

From: Roy G.

To: Hannah Keyser

Well ms hanna there is absolutely NOTHING journalist about you......

Just a typical leftist leftwing progressive liberal socialist trump hatin democrat which is EVERYTHING WRONG WITH AMERICA .....And your FAILED corrupt obama’s 8 long miserable years had no problem proving that....and your corrupt crooked hillary’s embarrassing defeat spoke volumes regarding how sick and tired of leftist leftwing progressive liberal socialist democrats AMERICA IS OF THEM......and also typical of leftist leftwing progressive liberal socialist propagandist taking their one picture here and one picture there have no clue what MR ALTUVE was thinking....

Thus “journalistic” fraud.........

Subject: Worldseries visit

From: Mark Travline <>

To: Hannah Keyser


Subject: Totally Bias re: Astros @ White House

From: Jack L.

To: Hannah Keyser

Hanna: In your prayers tonight ask how you can be kinder and unbiased in your slanted negative wording of Astros visit at White House! You took an honor and turned it into negative Fake News!

Jack L.

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Subject: Coach K

From: Daniel P.

To: Nick Martin

Your article was a piece of crap—-a pure hit piece. Whoever told you Coah K was a bigot? (I know you saved the ignominy of using the term all libs and MSM love to use). They got it all wrong. Perhaps your brother or your father was denied a basketball scholarship to Duke. I say that because the article is personal for you. The attack is ad hominem and sadly unsupported. He gave up several specific ways he thinks things should change. He gave up three times more than Self. The NCAA is ‘THEM’ and he is not a part of that. If you could have, just ask Joe Paterno? He was ‘The NCAA’right? The story (using the term advisedly) was pitiful and unsubstantiated point. He was one off the kings of college football and the NCAA shoved it up his behind. What a juvenile piece! The story (using the term advisedly) was pitiful and had an unsubstantiated plot. Come on, tell us which one of your friends or relatives was snubbed by Coach K. Or perhaps you were? Otherwise, you are definitely playing ‘dumb’.


Subject: Vulgar Language

From: Wayne Brown

To: Nick Martin

Please refrain from using vulgar language in your articles. You are, I presume, a college graduate with a degree in journalism and as such have the vocabulary and ability to express yourself with without the need to drop down to the level of someone with lower intelligence and a limited vocabulary. If you are unsure as to what term I am referring to then my point is to totally lost on you. However I’m sure if your parents were to read some of your work and read this article in particular they would have resorted scolded you just as I am. Having read this article I could surmise that you are not so old that you shouldn’t have your mouth washed out with soap.


Wayne Brown

Subject: You are real turd. You was hate Kentucky! You sound like a crybaby. Nobody even knows you. Too much hate coming from you.

From: Jeremy B.

To: Nick Martin

[No text.]

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Subject: Your article re: alumni reactions to college scandals

From: William H.

To: Lauren Theisen

It sure takes you a long time to say very little. In a “city” the size of MSU (42-45,000) full of over-hormoned teenagers, are the sexual assault statistics out of whack? I don’t know. (And remember, “assault” is defined as any unwanted touching, not just rape.) If D’Antonio, for example, has been on the job 10 years, are 1.6 incidents of inappropriate behavior per year all that unusual?

Keep in mind that of all of Nassar’s 225+ victims, only two went to the police. One had her claim investigated and Nassar was believed over her, while the complaint of the other led to this massive investigation and his prosecution and conviction. It seems as if there would have been far fewer victims if the other women had felt that their treatment by Nassar was abusive to the point that THE POLICE should have been notified. That’s what they are there for. In other words, those who failed to go to the police about this pervert to some extent acted as his enablers. I think that their realization that they could have/should have done more drives at least part of their anger.

As to the rest of your article, well, big surprise. When I was active in my graduate school’s alumni association, I recall meeting with representatives of the university alumni association. They said that our job was to “lather up” the alums so that the main association could “shave” them, i.e., relieve them of their money.

This is more reply than I’d intended to write, so I’ll sign off. Your article was well-written, if a bit lengthy.


Subject: Headline

From: Len

To: Tom Ley

Headline for Kapler story not appropriate.

Subject: Nice Lead in

From: Matty

To: Tom Ley

Tom, Just wanted to compliment you on your recent article about Gabe Kapler. Nothing like a choice 4 letter word beginning with an F and ending with a K, for all the kids out there that want to learn about the game of baseball. I’m by no means a prude, and have used the word many times in private conversations. But to put it out there in BOLD type as a headline is a bit over the top. I’ll make sure to avoid reading any of your articles from now on. Nothing like freedom of the press.John Matty