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Here at Deadspin, we are committed to bringing you top quality video content. It’s why when we set out to bring you a video of Giri Nathan eating disparate fruits, we didn’t stop our thinking at “how?” We went further. We broke the thought barrier and asked ourselves, “How loud?”

The answer, you will see above, is “as loud as our loyal readers deserve.” Giri might not whisper like a lot of ASMR artists out there. But the heart with which he eats durian, papaya, guava, tamarind, and dragonfruit emits a soft song of sweetness to us all the same. We got really close to where the action is. Some would say excessively close. Some would repeat that yeah, actually, that is excessively close and also disgusting. But could we bring our audience anything but the closest? The loudest? The best?

No. That’s the Deadspin Video promise. And now fruit sounds and lip visuals are the Deadspin way.

Jorge is a Creative Producer for Deadspin Video—thanks for asking.

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