Report: Maybe Dan Gilbert Shouldn't Have Written That Letter

For a while there yesterday, it felt like LeBron-to-Cleveland was a fait accompli—even the Cavs seemed to feel that way, reportedly thanks to Rich Paul pouring honey in their ears. But now it's being reported that if LeBron James is having second thoughts, it's because of Dan Gilbert's petulant Comic Sans letter of four years ago.

That comes via this ESPN report from Chris Broussard, who claims James still feels slighted and disrespected by the letter, which called James selfish, a narcissist, a coward.

"If it wasn't for that letter, this would've been done awhile ago," one source said.

It is insane that Gilbert, a grown and successful man, thought it would be a good idea to burn this bridge, especially when James was going to be a free agent again before he turned 30. It's even more insane that the letter was left up on the Cavs' website for four years, only taking it down last week.

Cleveland: let us help! Below, find an edited version of Dan Gilbert's letter, sure to bring James home.

"Dear...Hero": Dan Gilbert's Comic Sans Letter, Edited For 2014 LeBron

LeBron James is back on the free-agent market for the first time since he left his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. Doesn't all that summer's bitterness seem so long ago now? Might James want to try playing with a star guard who has two working legs? He might, right? He hasn't said he wouldn't!

In some sort of signal that reconciliation might be theoretically not impossible, Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert got the NBA to help him finally take down his notorious 2010 open letter—composed in Comic Sans, the typeface of heartbreak—denouncing James for leaving his team. To give Gilbert even more help, here's an edited version of the letter, retooled for his team's 2014 needs, and addressed directly to Cleveland's former superstar: