Derek Jeter Is Sacking All The Other Big Names In Miami's Front Office

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Derek Jeter, who does not yet officially own any part of the Miami Marlins, is moving quickly to put his fingerprints all over the organization. First he unsuccessfully made a move on that crazy outfield home run structure; now he’s reportedly directing the firing of Andre Dawson, Tony Perez, Jack McKeon, and Jeff Conine, all special assistants within the Marlins organization.

That the ownership group led by Jeter and billionaire Bruce Sherman does not yet actually own the Marlins is apparently seen as a technicality, per this Miami Herald report:

MLB has scheduled a conference call during the first week of October for owners to vote on the Marlins sale, with three-quarters needed for approval. But Jeter and co-owner Bruce Sherman are so confident that they will be approved that Jeter called [Marlins president David Samson] on Wednesday to initiate several firings.


Dawson, Perez, McKeon, and Conine are perhaps the four most prominent non-player names in the Marlins organization: Perez and Dawson, both Hall-of-Famers, have been with the organization since 1993 and 2000, respectively, serving as special assistants to Samson. Jeff Conine—known as Mr. Marlin, for crying out loud, after playing parts of eight seasons and winning two World Series with the team—joined the front office in 2008. Jack McKeon, of course, was the manager of the 2003 World Series champion Marlins, and has been a special assistant to the owner since 2005.

For brutal regime change bonus points, the man Jeter tasked with sacking the four big-name assistants—David Samson—has already been given the sack himself:

And here’s the twist: Jeter asked Marlins president David Samson to fire those four Marlins luminaries for him, because Jeter didn’t want to do it.

Even more strange: Jeter made the request after telling Samson what he already knew: that Samson would not be returning as team president.

That’s mighty cold, Jeets.