Detroit Fun With Chad Johnson

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A nice little tidbit from Super Bowl week, from a Deadspin reader who was at a corporate function involving several big-name athletes. We love this because it concerns our main man Chad Johnson.

We were sitting at the bar in the GM Renaissance Center on Thursday night with a bunch of people from the company that I work with. We decided to hatch a plan to have have one of our cohorts pretend to be some famous celeb. We had people going up to him, asking for his autograph, taking pictures with him, so on.

Turns out, Chad Johnson and Steve Smith were at the table near us; CJ came over and asks who it was. We told him that it was a set up, that the guy was new with the company and we had to break him in. CJ loved it and thought it was hilarious. Then he goes to the restroom.

On his way back, he stops at our table, looks around and says "Shhhhhh ... I have a secret to tell you ... I can't be stopped." It was pure CJ.

It is good to see that Johnson was able to loosen up during the week. It seemed like every time we saw him and Steve Smith on a television appearance, they were somehow muzzled. We still think Johnson should have spent the whole week with a dead deer on his back, but that's probably just us.


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