We're opening up the Potpourri and Compound Swear Word Regionals for voting now, so go ahead and choose your favorite curse word down below. The first two regions have seen their voting go pretty much according to plan, with a handful of exceptions (like 11-seed "rimjob" beating out 6-seed "clit"). So make your mark now and dive into the seedings.

Please note that, regrettably, the word "bitch" got left out of the bracket due to a clerical error. I was reworking one of the regions when it got left out by accident, which is a shame because it's such a useful word in many ways. Alas, turns out that I am the bitch.


Anyway, go vote now, little dipshits. You've got until Friday at noon before we tabulate winners and move on to the next batch.

Compound Curse Word Region

Potpourri Region