Ohio State's women's hockey coach, Nate Handrahan, resigned last week after an investigation found he had a history of inappropriate conduct, including sexualized comments, retaliation for anyone raising concerns to the administration, and telling players to "get horny for the puck." Today, Ohio State released a copy of the full case report, with a few redactions due to privacy laws.


Ohio State's report says its HR department interviewed multiple people, including 11 hockey players. The report portrays a man who shamed his players using details about their relationships, overshared about his own divorce, and one morning showed up at the airport intoxicated and with an assistant coach. From the report:

  • One witness said Handrahan told her that he likes "to see the girls cry because it makes him feel powerful."
  • When one witness said she felt bad about sleeping a lot due to an injury even though her boyfriend was in town, Handrahan replied, "Why don't you just give him a Victoria's Secret magazine, some lotion, and tell him to take care of it himself."
  • When a player had leftover makeup underneath her eyes, Handrahan said," I thought the walk of shame was on Sunday mornings not Tuesday mornings."
  • Multiple witnesses said Handrahan talked about his divorce and ex-wife in ways that made them uncomfortable. One said Handrahan called his former wife "his bitch ex-wife," another said the coach told her, "My life is a mess. If I don't have you girls, what else do I have?"
  • While on a game trip to North Dakota, Handrahan and assistant coach Carson Duggan missed the team bus, then showed up at the airport intoxicated, witnesses said. Dugan told investigators that they had a lot to drink the night before and had "taken responsibility for their actions."
  • Telling people to "get horny" wasn't just for his players. One witness said he told a female referee during a game to "get horny for the whistle."
  • The anonymous reporter was "identified as a faculty member or instructor." The players said they feared retaliation due to how Handrahan had reacted to a complaint in the past.

According to many of the witnesses, there was an anonymous complaint about Mr. Handrahan's coaching style written to the Athletics Department in December 2013, and Mr. Handrahan confronted the team about the complaint in a meeting. The witnesses stated Mr. Handrahan openly showed disappointment that the complaint went to administration. Many of the witnesses explained this caused them to feel fearful to report anything that happened to them or a teammate. One witness reported Mr. Handrahan said, "I know one of you or your parents wrote the letter, letters like that impact me and my family."


Handrahan denied many of the allegations and said he "could not speculate" why so many people "reported such specific allegations in regard to his verbal conduct to various players on the team." But after its investigation as well as the results of a student-athlete survey, Ohio State found sufficient evidence of violating the sexual harassment policy, sufficient evidence of retaliation, and a finding of inappropriate behavior.

The full report is below.