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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Diego Maradona Sends Shots At Sepp Blatter

It appears that Diego Maradona’s recent eye lift has opened his vision to the mountainous corruption that has surrounded every FIFA decision in Sepp Blatter’s tenure. Fed up, today he gave an interview stumping for a rival FIFA presidential candidate, and boy does he lather on the burnsauce thick and heavy.


Here are some choice quotes, as translated by the Guardian:

“As the football world knows, inside Fifa there is total anarchy, where there is only one man who decides everything.

“But he knows absolutely nothing. Therefore it is time for a change. And it is so because even his colleagues should actually advise him to leave.“


“He has done a lot of damage to football since he has been there. It’s time for him to step aside and let us, who are full of strength, renovate football.“


“First we didn’t know where the World Cup was going to be held. Then we found out that after Brazil it was Russia and then Qatar.

“Without any doubt whatsoever Blatter is scared. Blatter is scared. He’s scared of being left out of his share of the cake.

“That is what really annoys someone like me, who has played in four World Cups. I was chasing the ball, Blatter is chasing champagne.”


Blatter’s still most likely a shoo-in to retain his position, but can’t we blow this thing out? Maybe some televised debates, with the candidates accompanied on stage by WWE-like managers? Even if he remains president, I’d pay good money to see a charged-up Maradona in the same room with Sepp. We now know what he was practicing for.


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