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The Lakers-Suns series is starting to become a wee bit violent. Kobe's getting thrown to the ground (and later ejected), Kwame Brown's taking a break from sexual assault allegations to shove Suns to the floor and even Phil Jackson is breaking out a set of nunchucks Bill Bradley gave him back in 1968. (Those Rhodes Scholars are notoriously schooled in all of the kobudo weapons.)

It got so heated that Kobe Bryant started making ultimate fighting references.

"It's something that belongs in the octagon," Kobe said. "We're kind of throwbacks to the '80s style of basketball. Just physical basketball. I'm not out there trying to elbow somebody. If you get elbowed, you've just got to keep your cool. I get elbowed all the time. I like playing that style. It excites me more than anything."

As you attempt to shake the image of the Mamba turned on, Cronenberg-Crash-like, by violence, we encourage everyone to bring their brass knuckles and blow darts to the Staples Center on Thursday. Hey, maybe Jason Kendall will show up.

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