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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Doctor Predicts Tom Brady And Patriots Will Win The Super Bowl

I can't begin to explain how uncomfortable it is to watch this guy talk about how he'll be pulling for Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl this weekend. "Go Patriots," he says, with a pump of his fist. It is a disaster.


Dr. Shukri David is a cardiologist and he was on for a segment giving some heart-health tips because the Super Bowl can be used to discuss anything. A typical local news segment became an awkward shitfest once the discussion turned to football. Not only does he mistakenly believe the Patriots are playing tomorrow, things get even worse when the anchor tries to help him out with a few hints and desperate looks into the camera.

He doubles down. "No, not Peyton Manning, they're out," he says. "I've been following the Patriots and I think Brady's going to pull it off." [Shudders].

h/t Josh