Jake Long, the No. 1 overall pick by Miami in 2008, is presently an ex-Dolphin, via free agency. This does not sit well with Richie Incognito, the fellow Dolphins o-lineman (above, right). Long (above, left) may have been banged up with sundry injuries the past couple of years, but if he would come back to the ’Fins, the thinking goes, the offensive line wouldn’t be half bad. That's a big deal on a team that has been sub.-.500, and thus more than half bad, each season since 2009.

But beyond mere gamesmanship, Incognito appears to really, really like having Long around. So he’s taken to Twitter with a grassroots campaign to #BringJakeHome. If you get a kick out of NFL bromances, this one has it all: Halloween costumes (Incognito as Batman, Long as Superman, hashtag #LEFTGUARDLOVE), club shoulder hugs (“I miss us”), gobs of fan involvement. Incognito seems to know how funny this hard sell is (“you complete me”?) and is reveling in it.

Jake's gotta go home. Even in jest, how often do you see an NFL player tell a teammate, “you complete me"? As a lineman, Long simply can't pass that up. If he re-signs with Miami, the Dolphins are guaranteed at least one completion on offense.